Concurs d’Oratòria 2017 – Videos

Dear students,

We are glad to celebrate the school’s new blog’s opening sharing with you the different videos that the pupils from the English SEP have recorded to participate in the Concurs d’Oratòria de la Comarca de la Selva. They are Agustí Feliu, Arià Borrell, Carla González, Emma Palet, Estel Andris, Júlia Bassas, Maria Expòsit and Maria Teixeira.

Since this year’s topic was “La Selva: Fairs and Markets” they chose different fairs that take place in La Selva. Agustí talks about “The Hazelnut’s Fair that takes place in Brunyola; Arià talks about the “Old and New Vehicles Gathering” that takes place in Anglès during the Saint Anthony’s Fair; Carla talks about “The Pig Slaughter’s Fair” that takes place in La Cellera de Ter; Emma Talks about two fairs: “The FIPORC’s Fair“, that takes place in Riudellots de la Selva, and the “Pig Slaughter’s Fair” that they celebrate in La Cellera de Ter; Estel Andris talks about the ceremony of blessing the animals celebrated during “The Saint Anthony’s Fair“, here in Anglès; Júlia talks about “La Fira de la Ratafia” that takes place in Santa Coloma de Farners; Maria Expòsit talks about “The Tió’s Fair” celebrated in Arbúcies; and last but not least, Maria Teixeira talks about the different activities organized during “The Saint Anthony’s Fair” here in Anglès.

They have worked really hard and they have done a wonderful job. Congratulations!

Here you are the links to the videos.

Agustí Feliu.

Arià Borrell.

Carla González.

Emma Palet.

Estel Andris.

Júlia Bassas.

Maria Expòsit.

Maria Teixeira.


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